ABBACOVER in south-east asia

Also in 2012 we were honoured to accompany the MS Columbus on their last world trip for a few weeks. Starting from Bangkok/Thailand it took us all the way through the south chinese sea, to Singapore, Myanmar, the Andaman Islands and finally to India.
It is always something special for us to play our show on cruise ships because you coulnd´t even get a closer contact to your audience.
Not only because the mostly small and intimate locations you play in but also because of being with the guests for many days or weeks in a tiny space and meet almost everytime and everywhere.
We like that a lot but simply had to admit that the stagework turned into a trivial matter due to this breathtaking trip. The places we´ve seen were just incredible. Go for a swim in Phuket and Koh Samui, sightseeing in Singapore – probably one oft he most wicked cities in the world. Myanmar really had some awareness-changing spirit because of its unspoiled nature and very little touristic activity. Visiting the holy places and meeting buddhist monks gave us three unforgotten days. We actually did not really knew about the Andaman Islands before coming there and just don´t know why! It´s nothing less than a paradise. We completed this amazing trip visiting the indian city of Cochin where you can still slightly hear the winds oft he long-gone colonial era.
If someone should ask about the unfamiliar face in the pictures - it´s Corvin, who jumped in for Axel for that cruise. It seemed to be impossible – but he did great!