Our trip to the côte d´Azur in France granted us two of the most unusual stages the band has ever seen in all those years. In Théoule-sur-mêr we played for about 500 guests on a small stage located high above the Mediteranean See built into a slope in a stunning, unique atmosphere. The audience enjoyed our show watching a breathtaking sunset over the ocean right behind us that no stage decoration in the world could ever offer. Well, with the sun finally disappearing it got quite windy and damp, but who cares?

Another highlight during this trip was our show in Cassis. Cassis is an enchanting place close to Marseille built around a small romantic fishing port. What made it so special was: the stage we played on was a swimming pontoon right in the middle of the basin on a warm summer night. The view from the stage down to people celebrating in small boats around the stage and over on the promenade is something artists do not see so very often and of course we enjoyed it a lot.