New Year´s Eve in Beirut

One oft he most unusual concerts the band ever played was for sure our New Year´s Eve show in Beirut.
An artist agency handed in this offer and we were quite sceptical and even mistrustful knowing Beirut only from the TV News and were unsure to go or not.
But finally we made the descision to go for it and got rewarded with a real adventure. Already just after arriving during our ride through the Beirut night we couldn´t ignore those voices in our heads screaming if we were completely crazy and out of our minds having decided to go there.
To a still battle-scarred city with teenage boys wearing machine guns here and there in the streets. Uneasy feeling to be honest!
We were longing for a hotel room after such a long flight trip spending hours on a stopover in Istanbul at three in the morning but no way – they drove us from the airport directly to the club we were supposed to play the next day saying that they just want us to do some promotion for tomorrow…
Just imagine: they made us stand on top of the bar in an overcrowded nightclub – no make up, deadly tired, no costumes – put in an original ABBA CD, handed over two wireless microphones and said the three magic words: „go ahead, sing!“
And there we were. In the middle of the night at a club in Lebanon up on a bar looking like tramps singing Super Trouper for people who neither knew who we were nor what we did there. We never ever did something bizarre like that before and hopefully we never will again. Spending a rather short night at the hotel room we enjoyed for the first time the impressing hospitality oft he country before going back to the club for soundcheck.

Arriving there, the next surprise was already there. Nothing of the equipment we ordered was there. Nothing.
While in our minds we already said goodbye to play even a single tone that night, a deeply relaxed guy called Habib joined the scene. Every second phrase he said contained the words:“don´t worry.“ That was where we learned how strained and tensed we european guys can be.

Habib didn´t even understand what our confusion was about, said „don´t worry „ again, asked what we need, took his mobile and 20 minutes later a bunch of people carried in different pieces of technical equipment and instruments. Possible in Germany on New Year´s Eve? No way. And no way at all in such a short amount of time.

So finally we played our show that almost turned into a trivial compared to all those impressions around.
And due to the fact that our flight back home left Beirut also in this New Year´s Night already there was no sleep again but it was worth it. We met kind and nice people and brought a bunch of unforgotten memories. Again something very special.