ABBACOVER in Kazakhstan

Inspired by our Beirut experience we went for a show to Kazakhstan.
Precisely we went to Asia`s highest located outdoor stadium in Almaty.
Of course our expectations were influenced by our lebanese experiment and we were ready to cope with the fact that things will be different in Asia…
And they were. But not at all in the way be expected them to be.
Kazakhstan treated us as if we were really ABBA.
On our stopover in Atyrau we were greeted by a uniformed officer who took care of all the official procedures such a passports, visa and luggage. So we did not have to queue like everyone else but felt like a real celebrity. Strange, but fun!

Having arrived in Almaty a strech limousine( ready-to-use during the whole stay…) took us to our five star Intercontinental Hotel. You can cope with anything after spending the night there!
And when we arrived at the stadium the next day for soundcheck we could hardly believe that it seemed that someone really read the stageorder carefully and every single cable was there for us accompanied by a whole team of competent people ready to fulfil our wishes. Afterwards our limo took us for lunch whith the american rapper Coolio who could not at all believe finding himself in a country where the eat horse meat.

Entering the stadium again later that day for the festival we felt slightly uncertain because of the huge presence oft he kazakh army.
A long chain of angry-faced men arrived for stage security but this only seemed strange to us until one of them asked for a picture.
Of course he got his picture and all of a sudden army guys queued to take a picture with us. The oppressive atmosphere was gone and turned into high spirited happiness. We played a great show and went home with wonderful impressions of Kazakhstan and its people.